Accidentally Sent Woman $10.5M, Didn’t Notice for 7 Months Accidentally Sent Woman $10.5M, Didn’t Notice for 7 Months accidentally sent a woman $10.5 million rather than $100, according to a legal document.It noticed seven months later, after carrying out an audit, according to the default judgment.The woman bought a $1.35 million house with the mistaken payment, said in the judgment.Sign up for our newsletter to get the latest stories in hedge funds, PE, fintech, and banking — delivered daily to your inbox.Loading Something is loading.. There are so many options to choose from when picking a Crown Bullion has been one of the top gold dealers for over a decade and impressively holds a AAA rating with the Better Business Bureau To learn about more ways you can use your 401(k) or IRA to begin investing in gold and other precious metals download this courtesy from Crown Bullion.

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